Despite having their fate supposedly pre-determined, there were plenty of surprises in the 400 years Damien and Chapel had been together. Aside from the usual vampire problems – Medieval warfare, ancient conspiracies, fire manipulators – they also faced several human challenges – a joyful reunion, a cruel father-in-law, adultery, and finally divorce. None of this was mentioned in the prophecy given by “The Lady of the Mountain”, only that they were one of the few privileged couples that were able to Breed. Like other pairs in their position, they had tried and failed. Now, after 200 years apart, they find themselves in each other’s lives once again. With the past and present eerily similar, all new obstacles stand in the way of them fulfilling their destiny – the biggest being Chapel’s new boyfriend, Vega.

The story shifts back and forth between the past (1550’s) to the present, giving the reader a unique opportunity to try and piece the story together. The present often hints to things that have yet to happen in the past, such as Damien and Chapel’s nasty separation being readily apparent in today’s setting, while in the former they are happily together. The only constant (aside from Chapel’s bright auburn hair and Damien’s tardiness) is Gabriel, the comedic, fun-loving side-kick. Oh, he’s also a gargoyle.

Breed is the first book in a series of four, and each will leave just as many questions as they answer until finally bringing the past to a close and concluding with shocking twists that will leave the readers and characters stunned.

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